Fertility Loans

Funding your dreams of a family

Fertility treatments can sometimes be covered by your group medical coverage, but when they aren't you may find yourself stuck between finding the financing required to build your family of giving up your dream.

There are a lot of funding options available to those going through the process of fertility treatments, which range from shared risk plans offered by your fertility practitioner to full unsecured lines of credit through various lenders.

Often, your Reproductive Endocrinologist can recommend a provider that has been successful for other clients.

Some of your funding options include:

Shared Risk Plans
There are a number of clinics which offer shared risk programs. Shared risk means that you pay a certain amount in advance for a predetermined number of IVF cycles, then if you don't conceive, you are refunded a certain amount as determined by the shared risk program offered. The terms of conditions of such a plan often vary greatly, so research the program extensively before making a commitment.

Home Equity Loan/Line
If you're a homeowner and you've got equity in your home, you might consider investigating one of the many equity credit options available to you. Utilizing your homes equity to build your family is just one of the many ways you can realize your dream of building your family

Credit Cards
Using the credit you have available on your credit cards is just one of the ways you can fund fertility related treatments. If you have a working relationship with your credit card company and you have a good payment history as well as a good credit history, you may consider contacting them about any additional options they may have available, such as lower interest rates.

Unsecured Line of Credit
There are a number of lenders who offer Unsecured Lines of Credit. This type of loan is generally based on your creditworthiness and requires exceptional credit in order to qualify.

Remember, it's important to use credit responsibly and never borrow more than you can afford to pay back.
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Renae Lee - 1 year ago
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does anyone know of any place in ontario that helps with IVF funding, i found a place called IVF Canada and they have gave me a great price and im $2000 short , im on disability and my only fertility issue is tube damage, i dont know what to do, i want god to bless me with a baby so bad, ive already done 3 IUIs and they gave me a 78% success rate with IVF according to my age and AMH levels, can anyone give any advice, please i dont know what else to do, every other province has a program that helps woman Quebec even has IVF coverage, i just need help, please, the only reason i have the rest of the money is cause in 2007 i was kidnapped by my ex and was given money for pain and suffering,causei have burns and scars that will never heal, as well as emotional pain, and now im having problems with this i just want one thing to go good in my life and for god to bless us with a miracle a little baby #1